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Electric bikes, often referred to as E-bikes, are a fantastic way to explore, whether at home or on holidays. Maybe you’ve heard a bit about them but are unsure exactly what an E-bike is? Read David's blog post, an overview of E-bikes and some of their benefits.

What is an E-Bike?

Electric bikes, often referred to as E-bikes, are a fantastic way to explore, whether at home or on holidays!

Maybe you’ve heard a bit about them but are unsure exactly what an E-bike is?

Our E-bikes are “pedal assist”, which means as you pedal the electric assistance is activated.  There are various levels of assistance you can choose.  Our Merida E-bikes have three levels – low, medium or high.  Or you can choose to use no assistance at all.  One of the great things about E-bikes is that if you are riding with others you have an equaliser that allows the group to ride together, and you get the exercise you want.

And E-bikes are also great for home to work commutes.  With less huff and puff, you can arrive to work fresh.  On the way home at the end of the day, wind back the electric assistance and tick off some exercise!

E-bikes can be suitable for all ages – whether you’re a teenager or a senior – E-bikes are FUN!  And there’s all types of E-bikes too.  Our hire fleet includes NORCO hard tail E-Mountain bikes in sizes small, medium and large.

Echuca has some amazing river tracks and there’s no better way to enjoy  the Murray River nature based attractions, than on two wheels.  

Benefits of an Electric Bike

Bike Riding with Ease

An electric bike is really just a regular bicycle with the addition of an electric motor, battery and controller to provide assistance to the rider.

You can pedal a little, or pedal a lot!

  • E-bikes give you the ability to bike further and see more!
  • E-bikes get you to your destination faster and sweat free.
  • E-bikes are a great equaliser for riders of different fitness levels.
  • E-bikes give you the chance to relax and take in the surroundings you might not have noticed before your journey.
  • E-bikes provide the satisfaction of doing your part for the environment

E-bike Regulations

In Australia there are various rules and regulations regarding E-bikes. Each State and Territory have specific regulations, but one of the universal regulations is that an E-bike maximum speed must not exceed 25 km per hour.  It is also compulsory to wear a helmet.

Try before you buy

Hiring an E-bike or joining an E-bike tour is a great way to find out if an E-bike is for you.  Green Pedal has various hire options, from 2hrs to a full day E-bike tour.   Factors to consider when purchasing your own bike include battery size, style of bike – step through, mountain bike, hybrid etc.  If you plan to ride long distances for example, you need to choose a bike that has a suitable battery size.  There are  options to suit everyone!

River Ride on an E-bike
Riding in the Historic Echuca Port Area
Onion Patch Echuca
Cycling Tours Echuca Moama

Choose the bike that’s right for you!

Options include – E-bike cruisers (step through e-bikes), E-mountain bikes and conventional bikes.  Helmet and lock included in all hire options.  If you would prefer a personalised experience with a local guide, check out our  guided cycling tours.

Whatever option you choose, you’ll see more and enjoy more on a bicycle!

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