Green Pedal Cycles is focussed on promoting eco-friendly transportation options and fostering a greener future.  We firmly believe cycling holds the key to reducing our carbon footprint and creating a healthier planet for generations to come.  By hiring a bike when you visit Echuca Moama you can leave your car parked, and know you’ve made a difference to the environment as you enjoy your holiday.

Our bikes are equipped with drink bottle holders – so if you’re hiring a bike or taking a guided tour, you please bring your own reusable drink bottle.  There are numerous water filling stations in Echuca.

Our E-Bikes are charged with green energy – whether this is via the charging station on our E-bike trailer or at home base.

When you visit Echuca Moama we encourage you to consider “leaving no trace”.

Green Pedal’s approach to combating climate change

Tourism is responsible for roughly 8% of the world’s carbon emissions (Nature Climate Change 2018). We are committed to reducing and offsetting our emissions. Green Pedal Cycles has adopted the following strategies and are on a continuous journey to find even more avenues to offsetting our emissions:

  • We promote cycling as a way of life when on holidays and at home.
  • We have installed a 20 Kw solar system at our home where our bikes are mainly charged. This system feeds into the grid daily, and produces surplus to our needs.
  • We also have a small off-grid solar system on our bike trailer which powers our phone, coffee machine and laptop as well as any bikes we need to charge on the trailer.   
  • We select local products as much as possible to reduce transport emissions.
  • We stay informed about environmental legislation, technology and information by attending workshops and undertaking research.
  • We adapt to the impacts of climate change, such as avoiding walking on eroded river banks. We inform our guests about the changes and impacts that have been seen in this area so far and what’s predicted to come.
  • We prefer to work with businesses that have a carbon offsetting program as outlined in our Green Purchasing Policy. 
  • All equipment, lighting, heating and cooling is energy efficient, maintained and turned off when not in use to minimise power consumption.
  • We utilise an on-line booking system to minimise printing of tickets and marketing materials.
  • We support a local disability support organisation  VIVID with an “Upbicycle” program, by providing discounted supplies enabling them to restore pre-loved bikes which are then donated or sold within our local community.

If you are interested in calculating, reducing and offsetting your own carbon emissions we recommend to help you on your journey

Climate change and impacts on our plant

Green Pedal recognises the urgent need to address climate change and its profound impact on our planet.

Climate change, driven by human activities such as the burning of fossil fuels and deforestation, has far-reaching consequences for the environment we cherish. Rising temperatures, melting ice caps, and unpredictable weather patterns are just a few of the visible signs of this global phenomenon.  As recently as 2022 Echuca Moama experienced devasting floods.  These changes disrupt ecosystems, endangering plant and animal species that rely on stable climatic conditions. Moreover, shifts in rainfall patterns and increased frequency of extreme weather events pose significant challenges to agriculture and food security.  

By promoting sustainable practices and offering eco-friendly holiday activities such as our E-Bike tours and E-Bike rental, Green Pedal aims to inspire individuals to make positive changes and contribute to the preservation of our precious planet. 

Together, we can mitigate the effects of climate change and protect the natural beauty and diversity that makes Echuca Moama and its surroundings so exceptional.

Bike Trailer

Leave your car at your accommodation!  Green Pedal can deliver to your holiday accommodation or we can arrange to meet you in Murray Esplanade Echuca, near the Port of Echuca Discovery Centre.