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Freedom & Independence 

The Scoobo Trike is a game-changing electric trike designed to enhance the mobility and independence of people of all ages including people with disabilities. These innovative trikes have an electric motor, making them easy to operate and manouevre, even for those with reduced strength or mobility. With the Scoobo Trike, users can reclaim their freedom and enjoy the simple pleasures of life, such as going for a leisurely bike ride or running errands. Whether you’re looking to improve your daily commute or simply want to explore your neighbourhood, the Scoobo Trike is the perfect solution for those looking to enhance their independence and wellbeing.

Scoobo Electric Tricycles

Designed and manufactured in Germany, the Scoobo is the top of the range in Electric Trikes, 

The Scoobo is strong, versatile and an easy to use e-tricycle.  It features a differential in the rear axle, providing increased stability for the rider. Not only does the seat have a back rest, but the Scoobo also comes with suspension seating to cushion the ride for the rider.  It is easy to adjust and set up for optimal ergonomics and includes extras such as a basket, mudguards, inbuilt front and rear lights and puncture free tires.

A top ride and an ideal companion for daily commutes and connecting with your community.


Scoobo Electric Trike
Scoobo Electric Trike


✔️ Bosch Active-Line-Plus 250 watt mid mounted motor
✔️ 36 volt lithium battery
✔️ 4 levels of pedal assistance
✔️ Range up to 60km
✔️ Seat cushion with adjustable back rest (height and inclination)
✔️ LED head lamp and rear light
✔️ Anti flat tires
✔️ Rear carry basket
✔️ 7 speed gears with parking brake
✔️ Hydraulic disc brakes front and rear

NDIS Customers

NDIS customers who are self or plan managed may be able to purchase Trike Bikes if the product meets your goals and NDIS requirements, and you have Assistive Technology (equipment) included in your NDIS plan.

An electric trike may increase your ability to access the community, enjoy moderate excerise and the outdoors, and increase your time spent with family and friends.  These benefits may also reduce the amount of ongoing service support you need.

Electric Trikes may help you to achieve greater community inclusion, help you to extend your social networks and help you to become more active.  

For many participants, a Trike may be considered as ‘reasonable and necessary’ to maintain mobility.

You are welcome to trial an E-Trike or E-Bike with your occupational therapist, physiotherapist, or other health team professional in Echuca Moama by appointment. 

Benefits of an Electric Trike

  • Increased independence
  • No fuel or taxi costs
  • Use as much or as little assistance as you choose
  • Go further, see more and enjoy more
  • Increase your activity
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Non stop fun
  • Great for health and wellbeing
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