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Things to know before buying an E-Bike. Electric bikes are often referred to as E-Bikes. E-Biking is a fantastic way to explore, whether at home or on holidays. Read David's overview of E-Bikes and some of their benefits. If you want to buy an E-Bike, visit Echuca and hire before you buy!

Tips when you’re thinking of Buying an E-Bike!

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What is an Electric Bike?

Electric bikes, often referred to as E-Bikes, offer an exceptional way to explore, whether at home or on holidays, enhancing your travel experience significantly. Becoming an E-bike owner can truly be a transformative experience. If you’ve encountered electric bikes before but remain uncertain about their specifics, allow us to clarify.

Our Green Pedal E-Bikes are “pedal assist,” integrating electric power as you pedal, providing a smooth and effortless ride. With various levels of assistance available, tailored to your preference, our Merida E-Bikes offer flexibility and control. Whether you opt for low, medium, or high assistance levels or prefer to pedal without assistance altogether, E-Bikes ensure that riders of all abilities can enjoy the journey together.  E-Bikes foster inclusivity and camaraderie.

E-Bikes are not only ideal for leisurely exploration but are an efficient means of commuting, particularly for home-to-work travel. By reducing effort and eliminating fuel costs, E-Bikes offer a sustainable and economical transport solution. Imagine arriving at work feeling refreshed and energized, thanks to the seamless assistance provided by your electric bike. Similarly, on the journey back home, adjust the assistance level to suit your preference and enjoy a rewarding workout as you unwind from the day.

E-biking is a versatile activity suitable for all ages, from teenagers to seniors, promising boundless enjoyment and excitement. The absence of licensing requirements further enhances accessibility, ensuring that anyone can enjoy this exhilarating experience. Our diverse range of E-Bikes, including NORCO hardtail E-Mountain bikes in various sizes, caters to every preference and terrain.

Explore Echuca’s picturesque river tracks with unparalleled ease and freedom! immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the Murray River region on two wheels.

Step Through Cruiser – Our Most Popular E-Bike

Among our most popular E-Bike styles is the step-through cruiser, renowned for its innovative design that facilitates effortless mounting and dismounting. Characterized by its absence of a crossbar or an angled one, this style ensures maximum comfort and convenience, making it an ideal choice for riders of all ages and abilities.

Curious about electric Trikes?

These innovative vehicles, essentially tricycles equipped with electric motors, offer enhanced stability and accessibility, making them an excellent option for those facing challenges with traditional bikes. At Green Pedal, we proudly offer Scoobo Electric Trikes and the Mover Trike, renowned for their exceptional quality, providing riders with a secure and enjoyable three-wheel experience.

Benefits of an Electric Bike

Bike Riding with Ease

An electric bike seamlessly integrates electric assistance into your cycling experience, allowing you to pedal with ease. Whether you choose minimal assistance or opt for maximum support, E-Bikes offer numerous advantages:

  • Expand your biking range and explore new horizons effortlessly.
  • Reach your destination quickly and perspiration free.
  • Foster inclusivity among riders of varying fitness levels.
  • Immerse yourself in your surroundings, noticing details often overlooked.
  • Contribute to environmental preservation with emission-free transportation
  • Aid in rehabilitation post-injury or illness
  • Transform challenging terrain into enjoyable rides.

Remember, even when riding an E-Bike, you’re still engaging in physical activity, reaping the benefits of exercise while enjoying the journey!


Things to Consider Before You Buy an E-Bike

Factors to consider when purchasing your own E-bike include:

  • your budget
  • battery size and how far you plan to ride
  • style of bike – step through, mountain bike, hybrid etc
  • where you plan to ride – on trails, sealed roads, mountain bike tracks
  • do you plan to transport your bike and if you do, factor in the cost of a quality bike carrier
  • It is important to note if you plan to ride long distances you will need to choose a bike that has a suitable battery size.  If you plan to commute to work on your E-Bike, then make sure the battery will cover your return trip.

How do I charge an E-Bike?

Most electric bikes come with a charging adapter that plugs into the bike battery and the mains power.  There are various factors including the wattage of the bike battery and the charger’s amp that determines the charging time.  There’s nothing too technical about charging the battery, and each bike will come with specific instructions.  In fact, it’s a pretty similar process to charging your phone.

Hub Drive or Mid Drive?

There are generally two types of E-Bikes, a Hub Drive or a Mid Drive.

A hub drive is where the motor is in the hub of the rear (or front wheel), whereas with a mid drive E-Bike, the motor directly drives the pedal crank assembly.

Our Green Pedal E-Bikes are mid drive, pedal assist.

The pros of a mid-drive E-Bike include

  • they provide more efficient use of the battery. This is the main benefit and in our opinion is the most important.
  • we have found them to be more reliable and quieter.
  • it is much easier (and quicker) to change a tube in the rear tyre on a mid drive, compared to a hub drive.

The down side is that mid drive E-Bikes are typically more expensive.  Although investing in a quality E-Bike in the first instance is always preferred, cheaper E-Bikes are also a great way to get started. Establish your budget, then investigate the options. 

Recommended Accessories

  • Helmet
  • Lock
  • Bike Pump
  • Repair kit
  • Pannier or Rack Bag
  • Gloves (sun protection in summer, and for chilly mornings in winter)
  • Bike Rack for transportation
  • Toddler Seat or Bike Trailer – perfect for including your children or grandchildren in your riding actitivites
  • Bike trailer or basket for your pet!

E-Bike Regulations

In Australia there are various rules and regulations regarding E-Bikes. Each State and Territory have specific regulations, but one of the universal regulations is that an E-Bike maximum speed must not exceed 25 km per hour.  It is also compulsory to wear a helmet.

Try before you buy

Hiring an E-Bike or joining an E-Bike tour is a great way to find out if E-biking is for you.  Green Pedal has various hire options, from 2hrs to a full day E-Bike tour.   When you hire an E-Bike from Green Pedal, David will happily assist you with answering your E-Bike questions to help you select an E-Bike this suits your budget and E-Bike adventure plans!  Buying an E-Bike is an exciting purchase, and you want to make the right choice of bike.

Purchase a Bike from Green Pedal

Green Pedal is an E-Bike supplier.  We supply Merida, Norco and a range of other quality brands. Green Pedal also sells Pfautec Scoobo electric trikes or e-tricycles.  These are great for people with mobility limitations, including older people and people with disability.  For trusted, no obligation recommendations or a quote, contact David on 0490 048 239 or email

River Ride on an E-Bike
Riding in the Historic Echuca Port Area

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